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Talk therapy - Here Now Counseling

Talk therapy

Compassionate counseling for individuals, couples, families, and groups

Psychiatry - Here Now Counseling


Expert neuropsychiatric treatment — including Ketamine and Cannabis — to improve daily function

Brain Training - Here Now Counseling

Brain training

Advanced brain technology (QEEG and neurobiofeedback) to understand and improve the way your brain works

Art Therapy - Here Now Counseling

Art therapy

Guided creative expression to help you de-stress, self-connect and heal

Re-set with us

Mental health counseling - Here Now Counseling

Every Here & Now treatment begins with our signature 60-Second Re-set.

This enables clinician and client to start the session feeling focused and energized.

Try it for yourself.

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Locations - Here Now Counseling

Illinois location

Teletherapy - Here Now Counseling

Teletherapy options

Source - Here Now Counseling

Flexible weekday hours

Calendar- Here Now Counseling

Weekend appointments

File - Here Now Counseling

Insurance accepted

Assistance - Here Now Counseling

Assistance with claims submittal for
out-of-network benefits

Illinois location

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Have some Vitamin K

Vitamin K is kindness, which we distribute freely to ourselves, each other and our patients. Vitamin K makes you feel good and has no side effects.

Vitamin K- Here Now Counseling

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Our broad expertise covers many conditions, issues and support needs, including:

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