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We provide compassionate, evidence-based therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. Rather than focusing on symptoms, we help you zero in on the underlying cause of your discomfort and confront it head-on. This weakens its power and enables you to gradually take control of your mental wellness. We are your guide and partner in this journey.

Our team

Lisa Benedetto - Here Now Counseling

Lisa Benedetto, MS, CCMHC, LCPC

Co-Founder, Lead Therapist and Director of Internship Program

CBT, Person-Centered Therapy, Narrative Therapy

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Shari Kalik-Miller - Here Now Counseling

Shari Kalik-Miller, JD, LCPC

Co-Founder, Lead Therapist, Supervisor

CBT, Family Systems, Narrative therapy, Person-centered therapy

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Dr. Copenhaver - Here Now MW

Dr. Alexia Copenhaver, MD

Director of Psychiatry

Psychiatry, Addiction Recovery, Ketamine, Women’s Health

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Dr. Phil Epstein - Here Now Counseling

Dr. Phillip Samuel Epstein, MD

Clinical Supervisor

Psychiatry, QEEG, Neurobiofeedback, Ketamine, Medical Cannabis treatment

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Mary Remon - Here Now Counseling

Mary Remon,

Lead Therapist and Director of First Responder, Coaching and EAP programs

English & Español

CBT, Person-Centered Therapy, Positive psychology, Integrative therapy  

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Jessica Levy - Here Now Counseling

Jessica Levy, MSW, LCSW

Lead Therapist and Director of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy​

CBT, DBT, Person-Centered Therapy, Therapeutic Parenting,
Trauma-Focused Therapy

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Jennifer Feinberg - Here Now Counseling

Jennifer Feinberg, LCSW

Lead Therapist

Helping clients heal from grief, trauma and loss

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Susannah Ward - Here Now Counseling

Susannah Ward

ATR-Provisional, LPC 

Art therapy, which uses various forms of creativity for therapeutic expression

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Talia Shaked

Lead Talk and Art Therapist

Helping clients heal and evolve through the creative process, specializing in trauma work and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

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Andrea Wintroub Here Now MW

Psychotherapist, EMDR Clinician

Helping clients process and heal from trauma and traumatic brain injury through a specialization in EMDR and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

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Monica Mikhaeil Here Now MW

Monica Mikhaeil, MA, LPC, NCC

Lead Talk Therapist & Life Coach

Helping clients process and heal from generational and systemic trauma, with a specialization in psychoanalysis and use of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

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Nancy Myers - Here Now Counseling

Nancy Myers, MA, LPC pending

Lead Talk Therapist

Working with individuals, couples and family, processing and healing their trauma with a specialization in Family Systems and use of mindfulness tools.

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Patrick Miller - Here Now Counseling

Patrick Miller

Director, Brain Training and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Using advanced technology to help clients improve cognitive function and overcome trauma.

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Stephanie Veltri - Here Now Counseling

Stephanie Veltri

QEEG and Neurobiofeedback Technician

Recording brain circuitry data for analysis and training to improve functioning and quality of life

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Have a question?

You and your therapist will sit and get to know each other. The therapist will take your lead on what you want to discuss, helping you get more comfortable with the issues that you struggle with.

Typically, individual session last 50 minutes. However, if more time is requested, sessions can be tailored to your needs.

No, but in time, your therapist will gradually encourage you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. This can help you move forward and heal. 

You and your psychiatrist will design a treatment plan that’s right for you. That treatment may include medication. But just as often, treatment plans include neurobiofeedback, art therapy, and other non-medication treatment approaches. 

Psychotherapists do not prescribe medication. Psychiatrists do. 

No you do not, and that is part of what makes Here & Now so effective.