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Here & Now Counseling is proud to offer expert, evidence-based counseling services to our neighbors in Bloomingdale, Il.

Our individual & family counseling services enable clients to meet life’s challenges and cultivate better mental health.

We provide marriage and relationship counseling, family therapy, individual talk therapy, and much more.

Your Bloomingdale mental health therapy clinic

Here & Now Counseling is a mental health clinic in Bloomingdale, Il.

Our professional and compassionate team of therapists and mental health professionals proudly serves families in Bloomingdale and across the Chicago area.

We do more than just provide the expert care for our clients. We strive to establish new and higher standards for mental health care and alternative wellness. 

After all, a great mental health therapy clinic must be accessible, friendly, and responsive to each patient’s particular needs. 

That’s what Here & Now counseling is all about.

Why work with us?

The true value of local counseling services

At Here & Now, we understand that mental health and wellness are lifelong pursuits. To live a full and healthy life, the mind, body, and spirit must all be taken care of.

That’s why our highly qualified Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors are committed to a holistic approach that takes into consideration every aspect of the counseling process.

People thrive when they feel welcomed, understood, and valued. Our Bloomingdale mental health clinic promotes an atmosphere of inclusion that is relaxed, judgment-free, and always supportive no matter what.

After all, mental health therapy is highly personal. There’s no ‘magic words’ that’ll work for everyone. There’s no one ‘answer’ to life’s challenges. That’s why we tailor each client’s therapy to his, her, or their unique situation, needs, goals, and preferences.

We don’t treat “symptoms.” We treat PEOPLE.

Counseling Services and Therapy in Bloomingdale

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Our talk therapy services

What is talk therapy?

Talk therapy, also known as individual counseling or psychotherapy, is simply the process counselors and mental health therapy professionals use to communicate with patients.

During talk therapy, clients work face-to-face with one of our trained counseling therapists and mental health clinicians. By establishing a secure, compassionate, and confidential environment, the counseling therapist encourages the client to discuss their feelings, behaviors, memories, and current life challenges.

Through talk therapy, our clients begin to identify the true causes of emotional distress.

Clients are empowered to examine their own lives, set personal goals, and change themselves for the better.

At Here & Now, our individual talk therapy sessions are ‘safe spaces’ in every sense of the word. Our goal is to free people from social expectations and/or stigma and allow them to discuss their issues and challenges openly and honestly.

Talk therapy has been shown to help clients work through symptoms relating to:

As you can see, the challenges our clients face can be many and complex. However, sometimes the hardest problems have the simplest solutions.

Are you looking for talk therapy counseling in Bloomingdale? Our expert mental health clinicians are here to help.

Individual, family, and group counseling in Bloomingdale

In order to treat the whole you, we may recommend combining individual counseling with group, couples, and/or family counseling.

After all, knowledge is power. The more you know about yourself and your relationships with others, the more you can begin to address and solve the major problems you face.

As your most important relationships become more manageable and satisfying, you will achieve great self-understanding and inner peace.

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