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We support LGBTQIA+ wellness

Child & Adolescent Therapy in Northbrook

Compassionate guidance in a challenging time

 It’s a tough time to be a kid. With all the stressors in 
today’s world, even minor concerns can feel overwhelming. 
Let us create space for your child to process, heal and grow.

What is Child & Adolescent Therapy?

Child & Adolescent Therapy helps kids process their feelings, experiences, and behaviors with the guidance of a trained professional. In relaxed informal sessions, your child can express themselves openly and feel seen and valued without judgement. Our therapists listen, ask questions, and suggest coping strategies tailored to your child’s needs.

Why bring 
your child to 
Here & Now?

  • Accessibility & Convenience – We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare and most out-of-network benefits. Early, late and weekend appointments are available. Teletherapy too.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment – We create a welcoming, inclusive and inviting space where every child can freely express themselves and feel heard and valued.
  • Specialized Expertise – Our highly trained and trauma informed Child & Adolescent Therapists use age-appropriate techniques and specialized interventions.
  •  Collaborative Care – Depending on their needs, we can pair your child’s therapy with other treatments, such as Art Therapy or Virtual Reality Exposure to enhance their healing and development.
  • Parent Engagement – We involve parents to facilitate understanding and connection.

“Here & Now has made a real difference in our child’s attitudes towards life, school and friends. She’s so much more comfortable with herself. It’s amazing to see.”

– Arthur, after 10 weeks

Mental health issues we can help your child address:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Attention
  • Deficit/Hyperactivity
  • Disorder (ADHD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Self-Harm and suicidal thoughts
  • Obsessive-Compulsive
  • Disorder (OCD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Disorder (PTSD)
  • Mood disorders
  • Learning disorders
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Peer and family relationship Issues
  • Sexual issues
  • Gender dysphoria

Helping you support your child’s mental health

Child & Adolescent Therapy isn’t just about children and adolescents. It’s also about empowering you to become a better listener, a more effective communicator and an advocate for your child’s mental well-being. We provide parents with practical tools and guidance to create a supportive environment at home in which your child feels seen, understood and valued for who they are now.

Connecting with your child

Our therapists don’t offer theory. They 
engage with your child. They listen to, 
nurture, laugh with and challenge your child. Week after week, our therapists will meet your child where they’re at, creating space for them to be who they are while also guiding them to become more self-aware, more confident and more comfortable in their skin.

The expert care your child needs

 Reaching out for help can feel daunting, but your child’s well-being is everything.
To schedule an appointment, call (847) 450-6393 or email