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Couples Counseling in Northbrook

Nurture your most important relationship

Even the strongest relationships lose 
their way. Using evidence-based 
techniques tailored to you and your 
partner, our experienced and 
compassionate therapists will guide 
you to rediscover and reconnect 
with one another.

What is Couples Counseling?

Couples Counseling helps partners improve communication, increase intimacy, resolve conflicts and nurture forgiveness, connection and understanding. Sessions facilitate open discussion, impart new relationship skills and help integrate meaningful changes into daily life.

Our Couples Counseling approach

First, we meet with you and your partner to assess your relationship and set goals. Then we create a tailored treatment plan using techniques like Gottman’s reflective listening exercises, Imago dialogue and Emotionally Focused Therapy intimacy building activities. Our goal is to equip you both with skills from proven frameworks like Family Systems to enhance emotional connection long-term.

Why choose Here
& Now for Couples Counseling?

  • Accessibility & Convenience – We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare and most out-of-network benefits. Early, late and weekend appointments are available. Teletherapy too.
  • Judgment-Free Space – We create a safe and supportive space to be vulnerable and explore challenges.
  • Specialized Framework – Our therapists use effective techniques including Family Systems, Gottman Method, IFS, EFT, and Imago.
  • Collaborative Care – Couples Counseling can be combined with other treatments, including individual Talk Therapy and/or Psychiatry, Somatic Therapy and Art Therapy to enhance your healing journey.
  • Proven Results – 90% of Here & Now clients report positive change in as little as 60 day

I honestly didn’t think our relationship could be saved. Our therapist gave us the tools to reconnect and work through our problems.”

– Samantha, after 14 weeks

Challenges Couples Counseling can help with

  • Communication problems
  • The impact of financial stress
  • Intimacy struggles
  • Infidelity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Life transition adjustment
  • Different values 
or priorities
  • Unresolved resentment
  • Premarital issues

Renew your connection

With compassion and skill, our therapists create a path for couples to rediscover partnership, friendship, intimacy and love. You can reignite the spark that first brought you together.

Come do the work

Our couples counselors have extensive training in evidence-based modalities like Family Systems, Gottman and Imago. They’ll facilitate healthy communication 
and guide you through exercises to rebuild closeness. But for real change to happen partners need to fully engage with honesty and transparency. Delve into feelings that are real and raw. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is how you break negative patterns and form a closer connection.

Re-energize your relationship

Take the first step. Call (847) 450-6393 or email 
to start your journey to greater relationship harmony and fulfillment.