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Has your stress been building up for a while? Are you feeling a little burnt out? These kinds of feelings don’t mean you’re weak. They’re signs that you may benefit – professionally and personally – from mental wellness support.

First Responders— including police, fire, dispatchers, coroners and other public safety professionals— are exposed to intense, violent and traumatic situations which create the need for specialized support. Our caring team at Here & Now respects the work of First Responders and tailors each client’s mental wellness approach to their unique needs to achieve best possible outcomes.

We understand that First Responders are heroes who help others and people who may need help themselves. Here & Now counseling is a safe place to tell your story and discuss your issues to help ease the transition from work to home. 

We provide private, personalized support and help managing burnout, anxiety, anger, addictive behaviors, relationship issues and other normal reactions to prolonged stress and trauma. In addition to individual and peer support, we can also provide group counseling, defusing, debriefing, crisis management, custom educational content, as well as on-site presentations and training.

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