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Hypnosis is a state of focused attention in which you become less aware of your surroundings. It’s like being “at one” with your work, a book or a piece of music. Despite its colorful portrayal in popular culture, hypnosis is a valid, powerful treatment that been gaining popularity for its effectiveness in changing behavior and dealing with stress and trauma.

Treatments begin with your clinician reviewing your wellness goals. They speak to you in quiet calming tones that induce a state of relaxation, safety and well-being. While you’re feeling deeply relaxed and attentive, your clinician will suggest strategies for achieving your goals and help you visualize yourself having achieved success.While in a hypnotic state, you may be more receptive to suggestions and guidance that you might typically ignore or reject in your everyday mental state.

Hypnosis is used as a standalone or supplemental treatment – a spoke in your wellness hub.
It is widely used to address a wide range of conditions and issues including stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, sleep disorders, grief and trauma. It has also been shown to assist with sports performance and weight loss.

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